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Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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Beth, my wife, is clutching the broken forms of our grandchildren. She and they are dead a few feet above me. Beth threw herself over the children in an attempt to protect them from the falling debris of the house. Their mother, my daughter, is somewhere under the rubble of our mountain home. Their deaths were quick.

I’m trapped in a pocket under the rubble. I had gone down to the basement to gather my notes and files. At that point, I was still undecided. Should I print what I know? A whisper of me unveiling the truth had put my family in our mountain hideout. One option was to burn the last of the proof and to live quietly in the pain of knowing that somehow the world’s end had its beginning in me. My name is Matthew MacDonald. I used to be a good bio-geneticist and a good husband. Now I’m neither.

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