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More Than a Game

The Realms. Book I

Morag Gray

Smashwords Edition

©Morag Jane Gray 2011.

Smashwords Edition, Licence Notes.

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With thanks to the late Diana Wynne Jones for permission to use ideas taken from her book, Fire and Hemlock.

Chapter 1

Edinburgh in December, when it's drizzling, isn't worth getting up for. Mum went out to finish the Christmas shopping. I stayed in and lay on the sofa, flicking through the TV channels, not wanting to think. I was getting over the "flu; my brother and sister were at my grandmother's in Annandale, and I was bored. Mum came in about half past five.

"Dad's not back yet," I said.

"Damn." She dropped her parcels on the floor. She glanced at her watch and unpacked most of the shopping bags. "Give me a hand with these, Finn."

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