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Samuel Z Jones

Copyright Samuel Z Jones 2001

North of the ruins of the old city of Silveneir, where only now years after the wars had people started to return and rebuild, the forest stretched impenetrable from the highlands of Utryce to the black wall of the Psarrion mountains. Long ago the forest had been the pride and wealth of Silveneir, the source of the ships that had made the Silvan people a great nation. During the wars, the forest had been refuge to the outlaws and rebels who had fought so grimly against the founding of the Empire of Kaesa Saban, the witchqueen who had forged a pact with the enemies of the whole world.

Deep in that forest, built by magic and long lost to memory, stood the Savistri Mansion, home of the wizard and former adventurer Montesinos DeSilva. He was the son of the greatest swordsman their world had ever known, and had himself fought and earned renown in the decades of war that had been the one constant in his life. He lived now in the house built by his great ancestor, the sorcerer Noth Morden, father of a line of wizards and warriors.

With DeSilva dwelt his concubine Sorcha Kavnor, sister to another great hero of the wars, the legendary Sabra Daishen, the woman who had united the rebel factions with the remnants of the knights of Kellia, and so defeated the armies of the Empress Kaesa in the final battle at the citadel of Akharudrak.

But all that had been years ago, and the wars had not ended then; Sabra had gone north, to the distant lands of the enemy with a promise of vengeance. No one, least of all DeSilva and Sorcha, ever thought to see Sabra again; she had sworn never to return, but to follow her quest until the end.

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