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Grey City

by Bob Muller

Published by Bob Muller at Smashwords

Copywright 2011 Bob Muller

Grey City

All throughout Grey City everything was grey. Grey houses, grey sidewalks, grey streets grey flowers, grey grass, and grey trees. Even the sky was grey. As I said, everything in grey city was grey. Well.... almost.

Deep in the heart of Grey City lived The Junkman. Everything about The Junkman's house and yard was disturbingly (to the others who lived in Grey City) not grey. It even seemed that things were deliberately not grey. But that's how The Junkman liked it. The reason he was called The Junkman (nobody seemed to know his real name) was because he collected junk, a lot of it, and displayed it quite dramatically in a variety of places all over his house and all around his front yard. He called it his "art" with great relish! Others called it junk, without the relish. But all critics aside, The Junkman continued on, as always, creating newer and more fantastic ways to make his junk... uh, "art" beautiful.

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