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Lipstick Spy School

Where women turn to Bond

Inside every woman there’s an inner Bond girl longing to break free. The Lipstick Spy School had one mission—draw it out and nurture it. For a day, at least.

As Kim entered the luxury hotel on the Fort Lauderdale beach, she actually had two missions—get a decent pedicure, Floridians didn’t seem to believe in closed-toe shoes, and kill Jason Bergman, Lipstick’s special ops spy instructor.

Unlike her fellow day-spies, Kim arrived alone, without the almost mandatory best friend, sidekick, and cohort in crime. She had a designer overnight bag slung over her shoulder with her gear inside: athletic shoes, yoga pants, sports bra, makeup, lingerie, slinky dress, stiletto sandals, and various weapons of choice. She was particularly handy with her Italian-made automatic leverletto knife, a lethal, lady-sized piece that fit well in her hand. But really, she could kill with practically anything.

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