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Published by Doug Brunell at Smashwords

©2011 Doug Brunell


Marcy shivered, but she wasn’t cold. The fire was actually keeping her quite warm. No, she was scared. She had never been camping before, but here she was in the Trinity Alps at the end of September with Ben, and all he had been talking about the entire time was seeing Bigfoot and getting laid. They hadn’t seen Bigfoot, and he wasn’t getting laid, but that didn’t stop him from bringing both into the conversation every ten minutes.

Ben finished his beer and set the empty Bud can next to the blue cooler adorned with Van Halen and Metallica stickers. “I don’t think fire will attract him,” he told Marcy. “I think it would be more like a warning. You know: ‘Keep away.’”

“It’s cold out,” Marcy stated with little conviction. She had a test to study for. Humboldt State just started and she already had a test. She should be back in the dorms hitting the books.

Instead, she was in the woods scared shitless with her horny, half-drunk boyfriend.

“It’s Bigfoot. He’s got fur. Besides, if you’re cold, I know a way we can warm up.”

Marcy rolled her eyes and moved away from his side just a bit. “I’m not cold. It’s cold out. And don’t think you’re getting any.”

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