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The Selkie's Diamonds

The Realms. Book II

Morag Gray

Smashwords Edition

©Morag Jane Gray 2011.

Smashwords Edition, Licence Notes.

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Chapter 1

The trouble started when my cousin Emma got married. Auntie Louise insisted that she had to have one of her cousins as bridesmaid, and my older sister Amanda drew the short straw. Not that she minded. She got an expensive frock and her hair and make-up done by experts. Also, she got to partner Robin Perry, who she has had a crush on ever since she decided she was out of love with our cousin Calum – not that he'd ever given her any encouragement. Emma married Robin’s brother. One afternoon, about a fortnight before the wedding, Amanda, Olly and I had to go to the dressmaker's after school and meet Mum and Emma. I looked forward to it as much as I looked forward to detention. It would be b-o-o-o-ring. I couldn’t find Amanda and Olly at the school gate even though they said they'd wait for me. I waited about ten minutes, and then thought I’d better get going or else Mum would have a blue fit. As I was walking past the railway station a girl in St John of the Cross's uniform stopped me.

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