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Chapter 3: Before You Draft

Chapter 4: Draft

Chapter 5: Daily & Weekly Lineups

Chapter 6: Free Agency

Chapter 7: Playoffs

Fantasy Baseball Help

Chapter 1: Introduction

Your friends invited you to join their league. You agree. Now What? Of course everyone knows you’re in your first year o if you don’t do well you have the “newbie” card to play. In an overly competitive world, everyone wants to win, new or not. This eBook was created to help those about to start their first league as well as well as those who could simply use a little more guidance. Here you will get just enough information to understand the pre-draft, draft, and both daily and weekly upkeep process of fantasy baseball without stressing you out. The more you play, the more skilled you get. The more skilled you get, the more stressed you get when you do lose any given matchup. The key is, whether it’s a free league or a pay-to-play league; keep sight on having fun with it. Don’t let a horrible week by your pitchers and batters ruin your real world life for the week. Brush it off and focus on winning the next week. If you are even slightly passionate about sports, you will most likely become a fan of playing fantasy sports and will want more information from all aspects. If you like what you see, check out my eBooks on other fantasy sports!

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