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Friends of Jason and Tori Gregg:

Mary Cornell, maternal first-cousin and best friend of Tori

John Cornell, husband of Mary Cornell and close, personal friend of Jason

The Knights Templar:

Jacques de Molay, Grand Master (1292-1307)

René d’Anjou, Marquis de La Rochelle and captain of the Falcon

Pierre de Champlain, captain of the Fleur de Lis

Simeon de Cyr, captain of the Citadel

Guillaume d’Arnot, captain of the Temple Rose

Jacques la Plante, helmsman of the Falcon

Armand de Périgord, Grand Master (1232-1244)

The Presidents of the United States of America:

George Washington, 1st president, 1789-1797

John Adams, 2nd president, 1797-1801

Thomas Jefferson, 3rd president, 1801-1809

James Madison, 4th president, 1809-1817

James Monroe, 5th president, 1817-1825

John Quincy Adams, 6th president, 1825-1829

Lyndon Bartholomew Adams, current president, 2008-present day

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA):

Bryce McFadden, director

Rhys Wilson, Special Agent

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI):

Weldon R. Newton, director

Randall McCain, Special Agent

The Catholic Church:

Pope Innocent XIV, current pontiff

Luigi, Camerlengo of Pope Innocent XIV

The First Nations:

The Greatest Red Man, leader of the Cree Nation, 1286-1302

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