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A visit with Santa

It snows so rarely in Dallas that it’s always a magical event. The first time the children of the city awakened to a white Christmas was in 1926.

Maybe it happened like this.


“What shall I bring you for Christmas, little girl?” Santa Claus asked Alice.

“A snowman,” Alice said.

“A snowman!” Santa said. “What an odd thing to ask for. Why do you want a snowman, little girl?”

“My name is Alice,” said Alice. “And I’m not a little girl. I’m six. And I want a snowman because I’ve never had one.”

“Ho, ho, ho! That’s because you live in Dallas!” Santa said. “It never snows in Dallas on Christmas. Indeed, it hardly snows in Dallas at all. So I’m afraid you can’t have a snowman, little girl. Perhaps I shall bring you a nice doll instead.”

“No!” cried Alice. “If you’re Santa Claus, you can bring me anything I want! And I want a snowman!”

She would have stamped her foot, but she was sitting in Santa’s lap on a golden throne on the stage of the Majestic Theatre. Santa had come to Dallas to find out what its children wanted for Christmas, which was only two days away. Hundreds of boys and girls had come with their mothers to meet him. They were standing in a long line, waiting to climb into his lap.

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