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Ron Shillingford



Don’t go breaking my heart

Copyright © 2011 by Ron Shillingford

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Dennis signed off the accounts, kissed the document, jumped up from his desk and did his characteristic celebration jig around the office.

Another completed audit and edging closer to his personal savings reaching that magic million mark. He did a sort of limbo dance, almost over balancing in the process. A woman walking past his open office door laughed at Dennis Illingworth’s antics, someone not known for spontaneous displays of joy.

Since childhood he dreamed of a bulging bank account of a million pounds and after years of toil in his accountancy business that dream would be realised within a year. With the interest it was accruing, Dennis knew the seven-figure mark in his HSBC savings account would soon be his anyway, but earning it was more appealing than just waiting for it to creep there.

Already more than comfortable from investments in stocks and shares, gold, property and antique watches, the million pounds in the bank would be the ultimate benchmark of his success. Motivated to prove doubters from school wrong, one teacher in particular stood out in his memory, Rick Lane, the chemistry teacher, who repeatedly told Dennis he would never amount to anything, mainly because science was not an interest of his. Maths and economics were though.

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