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A Cop’s Infection

by N.F. David

Published by N.F. David at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 N.F. David

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The brutal, mid-summer heat was Kyle’s hero, as it kept the car windows open, letting at least some of the stink out. Winter was the worst time to be a cop; his partner Bradley could sweat in an ice storm. They were patrolling the after-midnight streets of Brooklyn; but all Kyle could think of was a fire hose, attached to a tank full of Lava Soap. Bradley had a legendary stench: sweat, armpits and breath that could make a jolly exchange offensive. And the size of the man didn’t help. He was as tall as he was fat; crammed into the passenger's side, with a hog gut that made the glove compartment useless. All this, with a uniform forever soiled like pigs in shit, made Kyle wonder how the wife he despised, would suck it up and cheat on him with this slob.

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