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Rich listened intensely with the office phone up to his ear. Everyone else in the meeting room watched him closely.

His nodding and "OKs" seemed to go on for hours. Finally, he slammed the phone down. There was silence. He was completely straight faced.

"We got it!"

A cheer erupted from the crowd. They jumped from their seats and hugged each other. Lea got up and dancedf. Her slender, athletic body in her white button down danced to the sound of her fellow workers’ happiness.

Dario was grinning wide. He shook James, the quiet new guy, the only one who wasn't celebrating, "Do you know what this means? Raises for everyone!"

James laughed. "I know. I know."

Rich held his hand up to stop him. "Hold on with the raises! There will be a bonus definitely-"

"Oh come on, you know that everyone here will be getting a raise!"

Rich tried to hide it. But his smile told the truth. "Yes, I know."

EZMedia had fallen on hard times especially during the recession. But now the design firm had picked up a huge client. They would be doing all of the advertising for Cassandra’s new fragrance line. It would bring in millions to the local company.

It was a well deserved break. They had been working hard, but all it seemed to bring in was more bad news and lay offs. But this was a huge client. It would be enough for a hefty raise for all of them and job security for years to come. They would also need to hire more people.

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