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Wives Go Black Club

Published by Stroker Chase at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Stroker Chase

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She relaxed in the champagne glass shaped jacuzzi, letting the jets run over her body. She squirmed with pleasure, sipping from a glass of wine.

Ted ran his fingers through his damp hair. He was enjoying his Valentine’s Day. Maybe not as much as Rebecca, but he was enjoying it.

The hotel room had been a surprise. When they arrived, Rebecca told him that it was too much money. But Ted persisted, and then he showed her the jacuzzi. That shut her up.

She’d take it.

It was bigger than her house, everything Valentine themed as well.. Roses piled on the bed, and laid scattered across the floor. Upon arrival, they ate chocolates left for them, and quickly broke out the wine.

Rebecca let the jets run across her inner thigh. She spread wider, and let slip a moan.

"You Ok, honey?"

She groaned some more. "Just relaxing."

It had been awhile since she felt this relaxed. Rebecca worked long hours. A lot of the time working overtime every week. She was a hard working woman. She liked to work hard and play hard.

Ted had told her he had a gift for her, and convinced her to stop working for a couple days. He didn’t disappoint with the room. Now if they could only bring the jets home with them.

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