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She’d take it.

It was bigger than her house, everything Valentine themed as well.. Roses piled on the bed, and laid scattered across the floor. Upon arrival, they ate chocolates left for them, and quickly broke out the wine.

Rebecca let the jets run across her inner thigh. She spread wider, and let slip a moan.

"You Ok, honey?"

She groaned some more. "Just relaxing."

It had been awhile since she felt this relaxed. Rebecca worked long hours. A lot of the time working overtime every week. She was a hard working woman. She liked to work hard and play hard.

Ted had told her he had a gift for her, and convinced her to stop working for a couple days. He didn’t disappoint with the room. Now if they could only bring the jets home with them.

"I’m glad you're enjoying the room.”

"Oh yes...I am."

His eyes lowered to the layer of bubbles on the surface. She rose out of it and she saw Ted's eyes light up at the sight of her pink nipples. Her large breasts glimmered with suds. She was a very attractive woman for her age, and drew stares from every other husband on the block.

"Are you enjoying that?'

He would be getting hard right now, she knew.

"Oh, yes. I’m enjoying that."

Rebecca took another swig of her wine. She had a good buzz going. Ted’s hot wife rubbed his breasts for him, teasing, and then leaned over to give him a better view.

She sat back into the water, letting the watery vibrations run on her. Rebecca felt very beautiful tonight, even though Ted would always tell her she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Tonight she felt like a prize. Perhaps the expensive room was rubbing off on her.

Ted raised, giving Rebecca a good look of his physique. He was carpenter, and had the body of a man who was always working. Rebecca couldn't count the amount of times it had made her scream with pleasure. He had a good tan as well. Sometimes that tan made Rebecca jealous. But he had to work outside all the time, so her complaints would go nowhere.

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