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My shame is unimaginable.

For years my grandson believed I was just a silly old man. I had hoped he would change his mind and grow to respect me and my knowledge when Colop—the Sky Traveler; the one they call Alex Manez—returned from the stars to thank me for helping the scientists.

I know my grandson never truly respected me, and he has proved to me that I am unworthy. I can no longer bear to face the people in my village.

Perhaps I was too prideful after Colop told me that they needed my help to discover the key to the fifth world so that we may become one with the People of the Stars. He told me the path to the stars was still clouded, and only I could unlock the secrets of the ancient scroll. I had to help him complete his journey.

He is the only one who can hear the Music of the Spheres, but it is not enough. He must also be able to hear the Song of the Stars.

It has been two summers since I spoke with Colop last, but I have worked very hard to translate the scroll for him.

They sent translators to help me when I refused to let them take the scroll away, but since they came to our village, they have been more than useless. They try to find English words to match the ancient Mayan symbols, and they do not listen when I tell them they are traveling down the wrong path.

I told them Colop should be here to learn the story, but they say it is impossible; they will send him images and recordings instead. They do not understand that their machine will only strip the meaning from my story, and so I declined their offer.

Frustrated with me, they took images of the scroll and sent them back to their labs; they used microscopes and chemicals to tell them if the secret was in the paper; they entered the Mayan symbols and pictograms into their computers.

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