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Clan McBrady

Sean McBrady- Once married to the love of his life, Amanda. Together they had one child, a daughter named Rachel. When Amanda died, he put all his time, energy and love into keeping his daughter safe. All he had for anyone else was money.

Rachel McBrady- Seans’ twelve-year-old daughter from his first marriage. Her fathers’ oppression has caused her to digress a few years, giving her child-like tendencies. She is never without her baby doll, Melissa.

Sarah Montgomery-McBrady- Seans’ second wife, the adoptive mother of Rachel and the owner of the Sangria Hotel.

Clan McGrue

Michael McGrue- Owner of the Highland Place Hotel. Married to Shelby Pfeiffer.

Shelby Pfeiffer-McGrue- Wife of Michael McGrue. A compulsive liar and spender, she is obsessed with money.


Leon Deathrage- Famous fashion designer. Co-host of the television show ‘Four Queens Beats A Straight’.

Part I

Sarah & Sean

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