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Tiffani’s First Girl

By Victoria Dubois

Copyright 2011 Victoria Dubois

Smashwords Edition

Tiffani loved being in college. Getting away from her stodgy parents whose idea of a good time was a glass of red wine at dinner on Saturday nights and a DVD from the video store down the street was so liberating. The world had opened up for her in so many ways. New friends, new boys and so many experiences she had to choose from. It was exciting and daunting all at the same time but she found it thrilling. She had worked hard in high school to get into a good college and it had paid off when she got that letter from her first pick telling her she was accepted. Once she had gotten here, though, school seemed to become unimportant and just a pastime while she explored her options and immersed herself in the social life that going to a big university brings with it. She hadn’t done anything too wild in the couple of months she had been there. A few frat parties where she had gotten drunk (and in one case flashed her boobs), a couple dates that hadn’t really panned out and a brief crush on one of her professors were pretty much it so far. So far.

It was a Thursday night and Tiffani had dropped by her girlfriends’ room to unwind. Melissa and Amber lived a few doors down from her in the dorm and they had quickly become friends. Tiffani had instantly taken a liking to them as they were both very friendly and welcoming to her as well as a little wild. From listening to them talk and some of the things they had done when they were out on the town, Tiffani knew these chicks had had a lot of fun in their lives and knew how to let loose. She wouldn’t have been surprised if she found out one or both of them had been in one of those videos where girls are going crazy at Mardi Gras, spring break and wild parties. And not just the girls that flash the camera. She could easily see them doing a lot more than just flashing their breasts for guys when they really got going. She had seen a lot more going on in those videos when she had caught her younger brother watching one on his laptop one night a couple years ago. While she had reacted with shock at what she saw and what she figured her brother was doing while he watched them, a small part of her had been turned on by what she saw on the screen before Andy had realized she was there. Oh yeah, Amber and Melissa were definitely crazy enough to do some of that, she thought to herself.

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