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“It’s only for six days. And Mary will take good care of me while you’re gone. She always does.”

“You can email me. I’ll check every day. And you can call me on the ship if there’s an emergency. I gave Dad all the phone numbers, your medications schedule, and the instructions for changing your equipment.”

“Darling, you should hurry. You’ll miss the bus. And try to relax!”

“Kate, get a move on!” my father bellowed from the doorway. “What happens if you get stuck in traffic?”

Twenty minutes later, I was making my way through the crowd lining up for the shuttle bus to the cruise ship. I left my suitcase at the baggage check area, tagged with the ship’s information, and climbed on. Most of the seats in the front were taken, so I headed to the rear and picked the last one by a window. With my purse by my side, I felt the excitement building in me. Six whole days on my own on a cruise ship to Bermuda.

Some men have charisma. There is an aura about them that sends a signal to the female brain -- “this is a contender”. I looked at the man coming toward me down the aisle and felt a little shudder. I knew he was tall, because I could see him over the top of the seat ahead of me. He wore a Bulldogs cap, a blue windbreaker, and a smile that took my breath away. The minute I saw his eyes crinkle and his lips curl, I was intrigued. I couldn’t remember the last time I had seen such a handsome man. I watched him take a seat four rows ahead of me, on the aisle, and when he sat down, all I was left with was the top of that baseball cap. With a disappointed sigh, I turned my attention back to the action outside the bus. The driver was loading the last of the luggage. He shut the individual hatchways with a firm hand. Soon, very soon, we would be on the road and that much closer to paradise.

“Excuse me. Do you mind?” I looked up to find a man trying to squeeze into the seat next to me with a rather large carry-on case. “I hate to bother you, but this seems to be the last available seat.”

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