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Jaco Louw I Know You, P.S Stranger

Jaco Louw, I Know You, P.S Stranger

I Know You, P.S Stranger

By Jaco Louw

No part of this book may be copied, republished without the author’s permission, stored or reproduced. This book may not be resold under any circumstances.

For more information on the book and other stories, please contacts via email.

2012 Copyright Jaco Louw

Author’s Note

The story portrayed in the book is not based on any real person. It is purely made up. Characters are inspired by real people, but not based on them. Events in the book are made up. None of the events that took place happened in real life. The book is not based on my life, and Jason the lead character is Jason, no one else. Don’t take anything in the book personal, ex. Religion, alcohol etc., because I won’t be able to change it. The book has strong sex scenes in or referral to sex scenes. Some parts may offend sensitive viewers. The book is written purely for your own pleasure. (This is a copied piece, all things above may not be entitled to the book itself.)

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