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Praise for That’s How It Goes

“A 69-year-old romance. He was a top dental surgeon and she was his childhood sweetheart. His book chronicles their love and life. The book is a heart-warming part-memoir, part-history lesson, written in a simple and dignified fashion. It tells of the author’s life story, beginning with his rustic childhood days at his family’s seaside bungalow in Tanah Merah, to adulthood when he married the love of his life just a week before the Japanese invasion. They spent their honeymoon in an air-raid shelter. It captures the simple joys of life and the indomitable human spirit through the arrival of his three sons, especially the remarkable birth of his second child Rodney in the harsh and spartan conditions of the Bahau colony—an isolation camp for Eurasians in Negri Sembilan, constructed by the Japanese—under Japanese-occupied Malaya.”

The Sunday Times, November 16, 2008

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