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Dedicated to hopeless romantics, of any persuasion, around the world.

Chapter One – They Meet

"When I saw you, I fell in love. And you smiled because you knew." ~Arrigo Boito~

The first time I saw him, was early morning in Java Joint. I couldn't keep my eyes off him—he, with his searing good looks and devilish smile. I should have left. I should have picked up my latte, my book and made a beeline for the entry door, never to lay eyes on him again. However, I not only didn't, I couldn't. The man had me under his spell.

Standing patiently in line, waiting to place his order, he possessed the appearance of an angel. Or at least what I imagined an angel would look like. His long, but stylish shock of wavy light brown hair, framed strong cheekbones, straight Roman nose and pouty lips. Long and lean, his athletic frame was dressed casually in designer jeans, a long sleeved cobalt blue shirt, and buff topsiders.

He scanned the room, as most people do while waiting in a queue. Caught off guard, when his piercing blue eyes met mine, I flinched. I felt a tinge of embarrassment and cozy warmth enveloped me. Was it from being caught ogling him, or the lusty approving manner in which those mesmerizing silver-blue eyes appraised me?

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