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Piranhas, Pickle Joe, and Me

by Melissa Yuan-Innes

Published by Olo Books

Smashwords Edition

In association with Windtree Press

I'm the only boy I know whose best friend is a pickle.

By that, I don't mean that his last name is Pickle.

I mean that he is a long, thin slice of dill pickle. His name is Joe.

Every night, I meet him in my dreams. Last night, I was swimming up the smoky green waters of the Amazon River, and Joe was swimming right along with me. His body rippled and waved through the water. The sunlight turned his body a clear, light green, except for seeds in his middle and the thicker, bumpy green skin that outlined him.

Suddenly, a fin flashed by my eyes. Soon the water churned thick with fish, their merciless black eyes and razor teeth trained on me. Piranhas!

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