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You have likely purchased this ebook because you or probably someone you know is struggling with a difficult relationship. I am assuming this is not because of depression or anxiety, a personality disorder, a come down (rebound) from a drug binge, alcoholism or some medical or psychiatric condition. I am assuming this is a (probably longer-term) psychological condition, so I am going to talk about communication and relationships in this context. If there are other “conditions” lurking in the background, these need to be identified and dealt with separately, possibly before reading this ebook, because they will negatively affect a relationship. They are outside the scope of this ebook, so deal with them first if they exist, or possibly concurrently if you have approval from your therapist. If you have any doubt, ask your local provider (Ph.D., M.D., D.O., etc.), or at least talk this over with friends. Let us make sure we are dealing only with your “psychological” space.

This ebook is not psychotherapy, nor a substitute for psychotherapy or any treatment offered by a mental health professional. The information given is straightforward, written in ordinary English, and conforms to the general standards of the profession of psychology in the United States. The attempt has been to present this information in a thorough, accurate manner, without being too technical (clinical) or overwhelming in detail. It is written for adults of reasonably sound mental states who wish to learn more about their own experiences within the context of communication and relationships. It is written for adults who understand and wish to practice communication and other skills as presented in this self-help format. It is assumed the reader has an average level of intelligence and competence in reading, thinking about and understanding materials of this nature. The author of this ebook does not claim the enclosed information will "cure" anyone's relationship or communication problems.


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