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Starship Victory: Twilight of the Gods

by Joey Peters

Smashwords Edition

Story © Joey Peters


Twilight of the Gods

Form Factors of the Gamar

About the Author

Twilight of the Gods

Millions of hands raised millions of steins of mead all across Earth-763. For centuries their planet was enthralled with terrible wars. Millions died in their conflicts and many more had their lives destroyed, homes ruined, families crushed and they lost their livelihoods.

Now that was all about to change. Peace would finally rule over their planet.

The All-Thing was telecast from New Asgard, a fortified city in what would be the Swedish fjords on many other Earths. The leaders of the great armies of the world stared into the cameras.

Their eyes beamed.

War Chief Tyrrel sipped his honey wine. The others feasted on the remnants of their world’s livestock, mostly scavenging birds of prey. This was not a world that dedicated much of itself to agriculture.

Tyrrel slammed his fist onto the massive table.

“Warriors!” he growled, “It is time to begin. “Every life on our world has been fraught with misery since before the time of your father’s father’s fathers, but now we have a chance to change everything. For centuries we have waited for the signs and portents that would eventually unleash dread Loki from his prison at the center of Midgard and we can wait no longer.”

War Chief Tyrrel held up a small metal box.

“With this machine we will unleash Fenrir the Wolf. With that the gods will descend upon our world and the battle at the end of time shall begin.” He raised his stein to the heavens with his other hand and bellowed, “To Ragnarok! To our glorious end!”

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