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The Gunpowder, Torture and Sorrow.

Book 1 of the ‘Short Stories Collection’

by Jake Murphy

Copyright 2011 Jake Murphy

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The Gunpowder, Torture and Sorrow.

Who’s that which knocks? Oh say, my Lord, I come:

I know that call, since first it made me know

Myself, which makes me know with joy to run

Lest he be gone that can my duty show

Jesu, my Lord, I know thee by the cross

Thou offe’st me, but not unto my loss.

Sir Everard Digby, Tower of London.

Here in the dark dungeon, face down, I lie. Here, where the air is humid and the stone floor is cold, I tremble. I feel around, for there is no light to guide me, and feel only the cold, damp stones beneath me. Here, where criminals await their most deserved fate, I agonize. Like all traitors awaiting execution, here I despair. But I am no traitor; I am a crusader, a pilgrim, a man of God, a man of true faith. Why then, am I here? Why then, are the men of God and of true honour to rot in the Tower while heretics (and traitors!) sit in the Privy Council? The world, I think, is broken.

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