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Daisy Chaining


Mary E. Lowd

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Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2011 by Mary E. Lowd

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Daisy chains are kind of tricky, so I didn't believe the frezzipod when he said he could daisy chain his way from Altu 7 to Altu 5 in fifteen minutes flat. First of all, that's a forty minute flight, if you pull up above the belt and fly without all those rocks in your way. Secondly, frezzipods look like a cross between a crab and a pineapple -- the perfect tropical hors d'oeuvre. Who's going to believe anything a walking hors d'oeuvre says anyway?

So, I laughed at him. Big deal. Everyone laughs at frezzipods. The way they clatter around, those six arthropoidal legs, and that ridiculous bushy, green tail swinging from side to side behind them... That's just downright funny.

But then I made a mistake. "Yeah? Well, I could do it in ten minutes if I had one of those space convertibles like you drive." My buddies were laughing and jeering with me, but then it turned out the frezzipod had buddies too. One of his buddies offered to lend me a ship. Suddenly, my buddies weren't laughing anymore.

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