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Author’s Note:

This is a work of fiction; its characters are works of fiction, as are most of its references and occurrences. Any reference to politicians past or present, persons living or dead, works of art, specific locales or other matters of public domain, are not in any way associated with the aforementioned persons, works or locales. Except for the New York City skyline, which is really quite fantastic to behold.

Innumerable thanks to my parents, family and friends, without whom I would not have likely come this far and in this manner.

Lorraine Cecilia, Imogene Veronica and Marie Eloise: rest in peace. Thank you for everything.

And thank YOU, of course, for reading. I do hope you’ll enjoy it, and perhaps be provoked to think.

©Paul S. West

ISBN: 978-0-615-30896-8

First Cause

Paul West

Copyright 2011 by Paul West

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