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Mrs. Somers Takes the Team

Another sleepless night. Kathryn stirred restlessly in her bed as the party raged outside her house.

She nudged Dave with her elbow. He was sound asleep.

"Hey, doesn't that bother you?"

There was no answer. The yelling, the music, all of it had no effect on him.


"You can't hear all that noise?"

Dave shifted his back towards her. "It doesn't bother me. If it bothers you, you should go out on the couch instead of waking the people who are actually sleeping."


Dave made himself comfortable. "It’s only going to get worse. The kid is a hell of a player."

He was talking about Chris next door. His 18 birthday had been a couple of weeks ago and he was the captain of the football team. The rest of the team was out partying in his backyard, which unfortunately was very close to Kathryn’s.

She realized that Dave would be no help and instead went into the kitchen for some early coffee. It was only 11, but Kathryn would stay up the rest of the night.

Maybe if Dave pleasured her like he used to she would be sound asleep. After they had sex, she would often knock right out with him. It was unusual for her, but then again, Dave had been an unusual lover. He wasn't up for any of that now.

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