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An Introduction To The Game Of Golf


Brian Smith, Golf Instructor


Chulmleigh Golf Club


Great Torrington Golf Club

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Smashwords Edition

1. Terminology

Players are allowed to carry up to 14 clubs in their golf bag. These comprise of woods, irons/hybrids & a putter.

For example, a set may be configured according to a player’s preference, for example as follows – Driver / 3 Wood / 5 Wood / Hybrid (in place of a 3 iron) /Irons 4 – 9 / Pitching Wedge / Sand Wedge / Lob Wedge / Putter.

Each club is designed to propel the ball a certain distance at a certain height, depending on the ability of the player. The lower the number of the club( 1,2,3…), whether an iron or a wood, the longer and lower it will project the ball. The higher the number of the club (7,8,9…), the higher and shorter the ball will go, the extreme being the most lofted club - the lob wedge. The distance and height achieved will also be affected by the way in which the ball is lying (on a tee / on a fairway / in the rough / in the sand) and the direction of the wind. Eventually a golfer learns how far he or she can hit each club. The putter is used for the final stroke(s) on the green to get the ball into the hole.

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