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Wives Go Black Club

The girls waited in front of Jessica’s elegant house. It was a girl’s night in, something they decided to do once every month in order to get away from their husbands. Life in Sunnybrook could get boring fast. They needed a kick start every once and awhile.

Trish was first at the door. She held a tray of cheese and crackers. Trish was the blond trophy wife to a T. Stunning hair, an amazing chest, and long, sexy legs.

Next to her was Debbie, who brought a box of wine. One bottle just wouldn't do it for these ladies. She had long auburn hair and was wearing a dress that split in the middle showing her cleavage. Dressing up on these occasions was a competition.

She was practically dancing in place. Debbie loved these nights. She loved to get away from being a housewife. Their nights had started off as a modest book club, but after months, they started talking less about books, and more about other things.

They talked dirtier than their husbands, she was sure. Faye was especially a dirty talker. She was the youngest of all of them. And probably the most liberal as well. She had short black hair, a slender body, and was always talking about piercings.

Especially the nipple piercings. Debbie didn't really understand it.

She came into the room carrying various presents.

Inside the presents were sex toys. There were dildos and vibrators galore. Debbie couldn't help herself and tried out a vibrator in Jessica’s bathroom. She came out a hot mess.

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