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Hold Me Tight

By Alexandra Dixon

Copyright ©2012 by Alexandra Dixon


Smashwords Edition, License Notes

This eBook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and should not be sold. It can, however, be distributed so long as it remains in its original form. Your respect for the author’s work is greatly appreciated.

Dale froze as he stared at the figure on the other side of the threshold. The familiar brown eyes, the shoulder length black hair and the strong masculine features that had haunted him for years were back again. He couldn’t help staring.

Lucas gave a small, forced smile and stepped closer to the bewildered man before him. Dale still looked as beautiful as ever; his short brown hair was spiky and a few strands curled around his ears, just like they had back then. His light brown eyes still sparkled, even though he was shocked out of his mind.

What are you doing here?”

Lucas smiled a little. “I was in town and dropped by; Maria told me you were here.”

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