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Advanced Praise

I’ve seen her speak, I’ve read her work, I’ve been in a hot tub with her. Hyatt is the real deal. What she teaches is grounded in her own experience -- practical actions and high-minded thought forms. Every chapter in Create Your Own Luck had me nodding, ‘yep, yes, right on!’ I adore how Susan approaches life. Take notes.”

- Danielle LaPorte, creator of and
The Fire Starter Sessions

During my own career as a self-help author, I’ve learned that we come in two varieties: the authors who write about the way they should be living, and the ones who write about the way they actually live. Many of the most glowing promises are made by the former group, but the truly useful strategies are delivered by the latter. I’m here to tell you that Susan is a walking embodiment of her own recommendations, a glowing, joyful, whip-smart, soft-hearted, hard-assed luckmeister.”

- Martha Beck, Best Selling Author of Finding Your Own North Star and Steering By Starlight,

If you are serious about creating luck in your life, this mind-blowing book is about taking control of your life and your destiny - not leaving it to chance or circumstance. Susan explains that luck is not something that just happens nor is it sporadic but rather it’s a way of setting up your life that invites luck in - permanently. if you want to be one of “those” people who you deem to be “lucky in life”, this book will provide you with real-life examples and transformative step-by-step instructions on how to re-wire and electrify your brain to create oodles of long-lasting luck.”

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