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A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences: Tale from the Archives

Hanuman’s Gift

By Helen E. H. Madden

Helen E H Madden

Copyright Helen E H Madden 2012

Published by ImagineThat! Studios at Smashwords

The night was dark, black as sin and full of hidden secrets, much like the eyes of the beautiful woman trapped in his arms. Augustus Whitby knew from experience how dangerous this particular lady could be, and he dared not let her escape from his grasp. Lady Olivia Blackwell would just as likely stab him in the back with one of the wicked little stilettos she was known to keep hidden on her person as she was to kiss him. He certainly hoped she was in the mood for the later, and not the former.

Tell me where it is,” he murmured to her. His voice was barely audible above the whispering night breeze that carried with it the exotic scents of incense and ripe fruit, offerings left by the local natives for the monkey god, Hanuman, in who's temple they stood.

Where is what?” the dusky-eyed lady murmured back, coy as always.

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