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"Xiamen is a medium sized island city off the coast of Fujian Province, half way between Hong Kong and Shanghai. Today, young, energetic and developing fast with the old and the modern living side by side with West meeting East as previous an important Trading Station on the China Coast. This little booklet with simple Illustrations and Cartoons depicts the atmosphere of this little corner of Fujian China!"

"Enjoy flicking through the pages - it is not a 'Tourist Guide with a Map' but an introduction to give an 'Appetite to be your own Guide', so get on your two feet to discover a place which holds many hidden secrets!"

"Gulangyu Island is just a stone's throw away and holds the culture past of Foreign Residences with grand period constructed buildings from the last century depicting the different tastes of its residents. Though small compared with other coastal ports annexed to foreigners like Qingdao, Hong Kong and Tianjian, it was for a hundred years a pleasant off shore base for Foreign and Overseas-Chinese Returned Traders a very pleasant existence. Life on Gulangyu was International and wealth was visually abundant with its residents from over a dozen different nations. Western with afternoon teas, tennis parties and piano playing enthusiastic recitals."

"Famed to be the oldest house in Xiamen going back over 120 years, the locals appear to have short Memories! Xiamen has many old Shop houses in the older parts of the city, besides a way of life still exists that is 'traditional Chinese' manner since generations. Temptation of money and better living standards have been rejected by many. Preferring to continue living the traditional simple life in old homes with the social richness of their village life style atmosphere. Walking through the hustle and bustle of this REAL China is a unique experience to appreciate."

"Xiamen University with its majestic campus overlooks the South China Sea in one of the most beautiful areas on the Fujian Coast! Looking across the Straits to the islands of Kinmen -- nearest possessions of Taiwan. Nearby beaches abound with Students from the famed University and visitors from many corners of China, especially in the winter months since the mild climate attracts those coming from cold northern parts of Beijing or Harbin."

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