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M. A. Perry

The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.”

William Shakespeare.


After years of drudgery and unpaid servitude to her demanding and abusive mother, shy, reserved ADELA FARADAY is finally free. She has won a great deal of money on the lottery and with her mother now dead embarks on the trip of a lifetime, touring the southern states of America.

On her third day in Alabama she meets JONAS LANDO, a disdainful, rude and embittered hermit, haunted by the death of his wife. She is wary but intrigued by him, especially when he comes to her rescue when she is lost in the woods.

On her fourth day she herself rescues a young girl on the run from the rich and powerful but sadistic Dashiel Glissando. After several frights and near misses Adela finally manages to get the girl out of the country and thinking that is the end of her adventures continues with her tour not knowing that the enraged Glissando has discovered her part in the girl’s escape. He enlists the help of a hitman, STERLING HENNESSEY, with instructions to extract any information about Desdemona’s---Glissando calls all his employees by names of character’s in Shakespeare’s plays---whereabouts then kill her. Hennessey tracks her to her next port of call, Mississippi, and there befriends her hoping to illicit information the easy way before he does what he's been paid to do.

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