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A Twist of Fate

Misty Reigenborn

Copyright 2012 By Misty Reigenborn

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 1

Sierra was sitting on her front steps, trying unsuccessfully to understand her math homework as tears blurred her eyes, when he walked by. She caught a glimpse of him in her peripheral vision and then glanced quickly back down at her book.

He was gorgeous she thought. He was tall with dark blond hair that had a slight wave to it. He had pretty hazel eyes and a well built body. But the whole town said he was bad news. He had money that a man his age, which she estimated to be about twenty-one, shouldn't have. It was known that he was quite a player, favored the "loose" young women in town. The ones who worked at the bars and other such places that the good Christian people of the town claimed not to frequent (though it was well known that many of them did).

Her boyfriend of three and a half years had broken up with her. She had found out not from him, but from a friend of a friend that he had been cheating on her for quite some time with the head cheerleader. Ilana was a pretty girl with a mop of unruly dark curls that never seemed to tame no matter what she did to them. Worse to Sierra though, was the fact that he had gotten Ilana pregnant.

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