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“The characters of Goblin Moon are always in motion, always playing off something or someone, always acting and reacting as circum­stances demand. Edgerton has effectively filtered the classic styles of Charles Dickens and Alexander Dumas from modern and screen adaptations back into prose . . . A fascinating accomplishment.”

“Teresa Edgerton works with the deft and loving touch of a Renaissance painter. She has the bold vision that makes epics, but never loses sight of the details where the true stuff of magic lies. Her characters are more than merely believable, they become intimate acquaintances of the reader, close friends and bitter enemies. I wish all fantasy writers had her gift for creating real places and real people.”

“A delightful book, set in a world where magic adds intrigue to a society much like Georgian England.”

“Teresa Edgerton has written a fantasy that is fresh and appealing, and completely original in conception. She has drawn on history and folklore with a discerning and inventive eye, and in Goblin Moon creates a world that is strange and grotesque and wonderful and familiar, all at the same time.”

“As satisfying a modern novel as one could wish. Stylish and inventive, with a unique flavor interweaving the best of the romantical reality of a particular period of history with a highly original use of fantasy elements.”

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