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Vampire Virgin

The First Dark Veritas Story

Joeseph Simon

Copyright 2012 Joeseph Simon. All rights reserved.

Cover Design by Joeseph Simon

Edited by Teri Gibson at

Published by Idiom Muse / Smashwords Edition

Joeseph Simon

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This is a work of fiction.

Any resemblance between persons living or dead is purely coincidental.



The night’s chilled wet breath brushed against me, playing my body masterfully like a good lover. Beckoning sinful and cryptic thoughts, reminding me of the transformation that my body is undertaking as I involuntarily continue this cursed ritual. It is my will that keeps this disease from invading my mind. My will that struggles against urges that are swelling underneath my skin. I am deaf to the voice that whispers the continuance of the ritual. I am in control.

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