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I found his youth strangely attractive. While I'm fit for a man in my fifties, I envy and appreciate the energy that the young seemed to have endless supplies of. There was a sparkle in this boy's eyes, and his tanned flesh seemed to almost glow in the moonlight.

"Hello." I greeted him slowly, with a warm smile. Young enough to be my son or not, a handsome lad's company is always welcome, particularly when Marlene wasn't around to catch me leering at him. I don't know if my wife knew for certain that I was into men, but she had certainly accused me of lusting after girls often enough.

"Hi," he replied, somewhat shyly. That was one thing that I don't miss from my own youth – the sort of shy awkwardness around new people. Eventually I'd gotten over it – the best thing about getting older has been stopping giving a fuck about what other people might think of you. While my thirty-year-old self might have balked at striking up a random conversation with a cute boy, at fifty I have no such compunctions.

"Name's Henry. Henry Filke," I introduced myself. I glanced around – we were alone on the hotel patio, and there were two other hot tubs, along with the pool. That he'd chosen to join me in mine was a sign that he was looking for some company, and presumably some conversation. Maybe a bit more, and the thought emboldened me. "In town for a trade show."

"I'm Cory. Just here on vacation." He was wearing light colored trunks that darkened and clung to his package as he settled into the hot tub across from me. I found my eyes drawn to his long legs through the water.

"Here with your girlfriend?"

He grinned. "I don't have a girlfriend."

"Good lookin' boy like you doesn't have a girlfriend? I find that hard to believe."

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