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The 51st State


David L Atkinson

Copyright David L Atkinson2011

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Chapter 1

Walking home from the pub is not pleasurable anymore, from two main points of view. First, the alcohol offered in the pub is no longer the smooth, hoppy beverage, that was not particularly high in alcohol content, but that fuelled the social interaction between friends, neighbours, colleagues and lovers. No! Now it is sweet, fizzy and unnecessarily strong fuelling nothing other than drunkenness, violence and noise. The kids’ party has grown up and moved into the pub! The second is the rubbish in the streets. It is almost impossible to put a foot down without stepping on or kicking some detritus from a fast food shop or coffee emporium. I suppose that comment is as much about the way we teach our children to clear up after themselves as it is on the way that food is presented for purchase. Much of this, of course is not biodegradable and firms based in the USA sponsor all of it and there of course is the root of the problems we now have.

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