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Daddy's Anal Angel


Ashley turned around and scrutinized her back side in the floor-length mirror in her room. She had on a pair of plain white cotton panties and she had just stepped out of the shower, so they were clinging tightly to her still-damp skin. She shook a little bit and watched her impressively round, firm ass shake in the mirror.

She furrowed her brows in concern, worried that she had put on weight since moving in to the Girards’ home six months ago. She was there to work as an au pair for their two little girls, and the family had kept her so busy that she hadn’t really had time to go running as often as she was accustomed to. She had also been nipping into the cookies Mrs. Girard bought for the girls, a minor indulgence that made her tedious afternoons with the girls go by a bit faster.

Before she could determine whether her concerns were founded, Mrs. Girard knocked on her bedroom door.

Ashley, honey, we’re about to head out. Did you want to come say goodbye to the girls?”

Ashley quickly slipped a lightweight, white cotton sundress over her tan, slender frame and shook out her still-wet blonde locks. Mrs. Girard was taking the girls to her parents’ lakeside cabin, just like she did every weekend during the summer. The girls could be annoying sometimes, but they were very sweet in general and Ashley wanted to kiss them goodbye before they left.

Ashley skipped down the stairs without bothering to put on shoes, her short dress fluttering around her bare thighs, and met the family in the kitchen.

Are you coming with us this weekend?” Maeve, the smaller girl asked. “Grandpa promised that we could sleep in a tent in the back yard.”

Not this weekend, sweetie.” Ashley answered. “I’ve got homework to do.”

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