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Voodoo Cloud

Copyright 2011 Mathew Ferguson

Smashwords Edition

Voodoo Cloud

It was ten minutes into lunchtime when Nicholas opened his magician kit and pulled out a grey foam cloud with ‘Voodoo Cloud’ printed down the side in bright gold paint.

“I have a voodoo cloud!” he declared to Claudia and Spanish.

A voodoo cloud?” said Claudia, raising an eyebrow. “What, you jab it with a pin and a cloud gets a pain down its side?”

Maybe you shake it and it makes the clouds dance,” added Spanish.

Nicholas rolled his eyes and handed the cloud to Claudia. “It controls the weather, Spanish.”

Claudia examined the cloud closely. “So … how does this work?”

You sprinkle water on it and it makes it rain, or you blow on it and then wind blows,’ explained Nicholas taking a trick pack of cards out of the kit.

Cool,” said Claudia.

Way cool,” said Spanish.

Claudia passed the cloud to Spanish and then pointed at Nicholas. “Where did you get this from?” she asked.

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