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The Fisherman's Nightmare

by Albert Berg

Copyright 2012

I was the one who found David.

I can't say I was surprised. After his last message... But seeing it, really seeing it, that was another thing altogether.

Of course the police came. They asked all the questions you'd expect.

But even if I could have explained they couldn't really understand. Not like I did. I could have told them about the fisherman's nightmare, but what would it have meant to them? They would have thought David was crazy. And maybe he was. I hope he was.

It all started...I'd have to say it was about a year ago. That was when David's wife Celia was murdered in what the police thought was a purse snatching gone bad. And at first he reacted pretty much like you'd expect.

There were tears and memories spilled out and, you know, just the normal stuff that someone does when they lose someone they love. But later...later David started to act strange.

He'd never been much of a talker, pretty much kept to himself, but he called me about a month after Celia's death, and...well when I got that call, when I heard his voice on the other end...something just seemed off about the whole thing. Maybe something in his tone. When you grow up with someone you learn to pick up on things like that.

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