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The Vengeful Tendril

F. Ghazi

Copyright 2012 by F. Ghazi.

Smashwords Edition

For Nora, with most grateful love.

ACT I: The Solstice Oasis

A pinnacle of mirth comprised of pine

Adorned with orbs of burnished light.

It embodies a season as deified

As the God they claimed was born this night.

Lines entwine as from the ground up they race,

Woven together at a coiling pace.

Tears of green burst from it’s gnarled face

That fall along a pyramid that widens at the base.

The tears grasp spheres of luminous shades

That hang between leaf and life.

Inches away from a sparkling rain

With a shell that mirrors her shimmering eyes.

Her image is tainted, painted as red as the surface that claimed it,

Though her features remain the same as the creator intended.

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