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I first wrote the following short book as a series of blog posts at the end of April, 2011. Publishing was—and still is—changing so fast that only the most aware can keep up. Established writers, working under deadline, literally live in their own fantasy worlds. When it comes time to market a new book or fulfill an option book, when it comes time to negotiate a new contract with a publisher, these writers will emerge from their fantasy world into a place they don’t understand.

The problem is that it will look just like the place they left when they began their most recent project. These writers won’t often know that they’re in a new world until it’s too late.

I wrote this short book as a wake-up call. “Writing Like It’s 1999” is still the most read post on my blog. Maybe the wake-up call is working.

I hope so.

I want my colleagues to do well. I want them to have the best careers they can possibly have in this new century, and that means understanding where the business is now.

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