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Tales of Raxana:

Mystery of the Sea-light


Laced with cold froth, large waves bounced wildly off the rocky shore. Throughout the night, they loomed as sea-ghosts herded by the tempest that whipped over the Gotanian coast. Over the coastal city of Gob, the wet wind chimed with the angry curses of merchants whose ships happened to remain in the waters outside the sheltering harbor. It rained heavily, but that did not stop the patrons of the Lighthouse Inn from filling the city’s busiest tavern up to the rafters. The curvaceous figures of the waitresses wound their way among tables carrying mugs filled with wine and beer and plates heaped with salty seafood. Smoke blurred their vision, but they moved swiftly. Lit by many candles, their white teeth gleamed through the haze and their red lips shone like wild strawberries as they took care of the requests that flowed from half drunken mouths.

What will we do?!” yelled one tubby man, a fat-necked ship-owner supporting his round head with his hands, ornate with jewelry. “It’s all your fault!”

I did not send the storm, Tandula,” answered a slim sailor, squinting his fair eyes.

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