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Andreas woke happily at his normal, early hour

Ensnared Volume 2

D.L. Warner

Copyright 2012 by D.L. Warner

Smashwords Edition

Chapter Fourteen

Andreas woke happily at his normal, early hour. Darius had been right. The museum event had been exhausting on many levels. He had slipped into sleep immediately and slept soundly. Thus, he was able to face his sparring partner with a clear and focused mind. The spars were the favorite part of any given day that he didn’t see Darius. Odigos was a dangerous opponent. That made the mock fights as much a mental challenge as a physical one. They were also different every day as they were learning from each other. Andreas was learning the disciplined style of the security professional while Odigos was picking up street fighting techniques. Afterward, they would share some fruit and juice as they cooled down.

“Are you passing along my moves to your squad?” Andreas asked.

Odigos smiled. “Yes, actually, milord. My Captain has been very interested in some of your techniques. You make good use of weaknesses in form. That is different from the way we fight which uses a formal technique that doesn’t often change.”

“Oh, I’m learning from you as well. Some of those formal techniques could be useful in a bar fight,” Andreas said.

“I’ll keep that in mind, milord,” Odigos said. His tone was dry, but Andreas could see the humor in his eyes.

“Will you give the Ladies a stern talking to before we reach Club Zero?” Andreas asked. “They are pretty safe there. I mean, Stu hires some really good security to keep the Calix safe. But I don’t want them wandering or peeking in corners.”

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