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Now Hiring

Lucky Panties…check…”

Matching bra…check…”

Killer heels…check…”

Business attire…check…”

I surveyed myself in the full-length mirror on the back of my bedroom door, smoothing my hands over the tailored black Armani suit I’d splurged on with income tax money. It was at least two seasons ago, but the way it fit me, I doubted anyone would be looking at the style. This was it! My big break. Hours upon hours of working at the local pharmacy, only to come home with a paycheck that wouldn’t even stretch to the next… I was done with that. People had been telling me all my life that I should model, and so a month ago I’d taken my paycheck and had a portfolio done. Head shots, full body shots…even hand shots. The rent was more than a month late now, and I’d been waiting on pins and needles for the agency to call me back to tell me they had work for me. I’d almost given up, tears slipping from tired eyes when I turned off the 5:00 am alarm this morning. Another day at a job I hated, and my landlord had called four times the night before threatening to evict me and my three-year-old daughter. I’d been in the middle of cursing myself for making a mistake by spending the money on stupid pictures when my phone had rang, the lady from the agency on the line.

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