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Book 2 of the ‘Forgotten tales Collection’

by Jake Murphy

Copyright 2011 Jake Murphy

Smashwords Edition

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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As the evening mist crept into the grounds and dusk finally arrived after the long hot summer day, an old gentleman looked at himself in the mirror. His once blue eyes had faded slightly to an icy, tired grey; his face was rounder than his thin, chiselled youth had born, and his expression was serious and tired.

The old gentleman’s gaze left his reflection and wandered around at his old room. The master bedroom had aged long before he had. It had been his father’s room, and his father’s before him. Ten generations this room had housed. The curtains were ancient, and their colour had faded. He tried to imagine the room when it was first built; the old grey curtains would have been a deep scarlet, and the ties would have all the appearance of new golden satin. The two armchairs facing the fire would have been a nobler black than they were now and would bear that familiar smell of brand new leather.

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